Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I guess this is our first post.  Let's start by introducing ourselves?  I'm Ali and sitting right next to me is Ryan.  We are Spinner's End, a new band based out of Northern New Jersey.  We're also dating.  (It's pretty serious.)  We're actually writing this post from our couch in our new-ish, adorable (read: tiny) apartment.  This is the same apartment in which we are currently writing and producing our first album, as well as where we eat a lot of cereal and watch too many re-runs of The Office.  I've been reading several blogs regularly for about four years now but I've never had the guts to speak up myself.  Now that we've started our band, however, I finally feel like I've got some cool stuff to share.  I'll be the main voice of the blog here, but Ryan will be piping in too now and again.  This is going to be our new home on the internet, where you can expect videos of our original songs, cover songs, as well as a lot of other cool features we have planned.  Our apartment has yet to be fully decorated and, seeing as we're pretty broke, I'll be doing most of it myself.  I will share my crafty little projects here, and maybe even some DIY tutorials.  I'm also an avid thrifter and vintage shopper, so if I ever scrape enough money together to go shopping, I'd like to share tips, tricks, and up-cycling ideas.  Once I find the cable for my camera, there will even be pictures.

We're currently in the writing phase of both our own album and the soundtrack of a play we've been cast in (more on that later).  Ryan and I pretty much breathe music.  Our tastes are all over the map, but generally we both love progressive rock, classic rock, indie rock, and most things groovy.  We're giant hippies, as evidenced by the length of Ryan's massive hair and generally unkempt beard.  Our current favorite artists include Rubblebucket, The Dear Hunter, Franz Ferdinand, Skrillex, and Lady Gaga (just to name a few).  Like I said, our tastes are all over the place.  We're really big on inspiration while we're writing, so our current appetite for new music is huge.  So what are you guys currently listening to?  Leave us a comment, introduce yourself, tell us your favorite band.  We're also here to make friends, so feel free to ask us questions!

PS: We'll be updating the blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so be sure to check back on Monday to hear all about our weekend in Cape May.  Follow me on Instagram (@allisoncamille) for sneak peek photos.  Happy 4th of July!