Friday, September 16, 2011

project runway: modcloth?

so i don't know about you all, but ryan and i are obsessed with the current season of project runway.  i have always loved the show, but i've never been so invested in a cast before.  last night's episode was another great one and the top three looks from viktor, anya, and josh mckinley were all gorgeous.  though josh's look was the winner for the evening, viktor's look was the one to really set my heart aflutter.  then i realized why.  i'm sure you've all seen modcloth's new lookbook for their going places collection by now, and if you haven't you should really check it out.  i realized that the "effortless interview" look may as well be the ready to wear version of viktor's look.  brilliant!  finally a project runway look that i can recreate myself.  so what do you ladies think?  was viktor channeling modcloth or what?

viktor's look:

modcloth's "effortless interview" look:

i'm totally inspired by both outfits!  the silhouette of the skirt is super flattering for nearly any body type.  it's sophisticated but fun, and could easily be dressed down with a casual tank and some flats.  and i am in love with this color combo.. the navy and goldenrod are totally retro, but the sleek gray keeps it modern.  in fact, i may have been subconsciously channeling both looks myself, as i'm wearing a pair of goldenrod tights today!  so what do you think?  are you totally loving this look for fall?

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