Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cape May.

Greetings from Cape May, NJ!  Well, actually no, we're home now.  But we just got back from a really great weekend away with my family.  If you've never been to Cape May, I suggest you make a trip.  It really is the cutest little beach town.  Everything from the architecture of the homes to the quirky little shops is very picturesque and old-fashioned.  I think the best way to describe Cape May to someone from out of state would be this.  Picture everything you think you know about the Jersey Shore: Snooki, the Situation, the fake tans, the fake boobs, the you-can't-possibly-be-a-real-person nightmares.  Now imagine the complete and total opposite in every way.  Welcome to Cape May.
Finally, some photos of our shining faces.  More behind the jump!
Ali & Ryan

Ryan and I arrived on Friday night at midnight and stayed until after the Fourth of July fireworks were over on Monday night.  We stayed in a hotel with my parents, my brother, my sister Jess, and her boyfriend Mike.  (Mike is actually the guitarist of local band Sexy Heroes. Check them out!) Whenever we get together with my siblings, we always have a ridiculous time.

We are so attractive.
We also went mini-golfing, lounged by the pool, played Skee-Ball (I had the group's high score of 360, what what), played in the ocean, climbed the lighthouse.. It was a dream weekend and we were very sad to see it come to an end.  So what did you do for your holiday weekend?  Anybody go somewhere interesting?  Will I continue to ask these questions until someone (anyone? hello?) finally comments?  Did anyone other than Aliee Chan even read to the end of this post?  The world may never know.

Mini-golf.  There were fountains everywhere.
Cheesy 4th of July photos!  America!

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  1. I went to the Brooklyn Museum, but brooklyn us hardly as much fun as the beach


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