Saturday, September 3, 2011

good news!

hey there everybody!  ali here, finally crawling out of my self-imposed blogging hiatus with a new post.  can you believe its september already?  this summer absolutely flew by.  things have been a little crazy around here for the past few weeks and i needed to take a little blogging break just to get my bearings.    the good news is i'm back with some fun news to share!

1.  spinner's end has officially booked our first official show!  it's at this cute little cafe called "field of creams" at continental soldiers park, right across the street from ramapo college, in mahwah, nj.  we'll be playing on september 9 from 7pm to 9pm.  information for the show can be found here.  field of creams is also one of the only places in the area that serves bubble tea, a hard-to-find personal favorite of mine.  the cafe serves all kinds of yummy food, from the usual fare like burgers, veggie burgers, and milkshakes to things that are a little more special, like homemade crepes, wildberry smoothies, and the aforementioned bubble tea.  we're the only band playing that evening so if you're in the area pop in and check us out, we would love to see you there!  

2. we got a kitty!
we have a pretty cute record collection, wouldn't you say?
her name is nala and ryan and i could not be more smitten.  she's just the sweetest little thing.  we adopted her through a great organization called FOCAS on august 20 (check out their website for information on adopting or to donate).  she's four months old and her birthday is actually the day before mine.  nala has settled right into life in our small apartment and is ruling over the place like the queen she is.

(please pardon my cellphone pictures)

she's super playful and snuggly and she loves to take naps on ryan's lap!  i just love to hear her little mews and get kisses from her scratchy tongue.

my family are definitely not cat people, so i was never allowed to have one growing up.  nala is my first ever kitty and i just love her so much!  i've always wanted a kitty of my own, and once i picked her up i knew i never wanted to put her down again.

so now that you've seen our pretty little lady, i hope you can forgive me for my blogging break.  ryan and i also went to a really great rubblebucket show a few weeks ago, which i'll be blogging about soon.  i'll be back on monday with a regular blogging schedule once more.  enjoy your labor day weekend, everybody!

xx ali

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