Thursday, August 18, 2011

speak to me: lyrical inspiration

This is a new weekly feature I'd like to bring to the blog called "speak to me."  I will highlight lyrics, poetry, a passage from a book, an inspiring quote, etc. that I find particularly striking.  They might be funny, sad, inspirational, whatever.  I'm a lyricist, a poet, and an avid reader so I'd like to document the words that are currently inspiring me and my writing.  Hopefully they'll inspire you too!  Enjoy.

this is my face
i've got a thousand opinions
and half the time i'm trying to explain

and this is my body
and no matter how you try and disable it
yes, i'll still be here

and this is my mind
and though you try to infringe
you cannot confine

and this is my brain
and even if you try and hold me back
there's nothing that you can gain

'cause i use mouthwash
sometimes i floss
i've got a family
and i drink cups of tea

i've got nostalgic pavements
i've got familiar faces
i've got mixed-up memories
and i've got favorite places

- "mouthwash" by kate nash

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