Thursday, September 8, 2011

my mom is awesome.

ryan and i have been practicing furiously all week in preparation for our show on friday.  tonight we had a really great writing session - we finally finished a song we've been working on for a while and i'm really happy with the way it turned out.  i'll definitely be posting more on that soon, hopefully with a new video to share.  if you can't tell from my sparse (to put it lightly) blog design, i'm no graphic artist.  but my mother actually works in graphic design.  earlier this week i was lamenting to my mom that ryan and i didn't have any sort of promotional flyer or business card to hand out to people that might be interested in our band.  she played it cool while we were talking and i thought nothing more about it, but then today she handed me these.
our new business cards, designed by ali's mother.
don't they look great?  they're printed on this really lovely paper and are just the right size.  she modified one of my favorite typefaces to include that little music note and even added a spinning wheel.  i'm so thankful that i have a mom who cares enough to take time out of her super busy day to surprise me with something so nice.  i'm really lucky to have her.  now i feel really confident that we have something professional to share with people if they'd like to book us for a show or learn more about our band.

do any of you have moms this cool?  call me biased, but i'm thinking i have the best one.  ;)
xx ali

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