Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ravenclaw pride.

so as you all know, i am obsessed with harry potter.  so naturally when j.k. rowling announced pottermore, an interactive way to explore the books online, i jumped at the opportunity to join the beta group and get early access.  (some of you who haven't read the books may not understand why a grown ass woman such as myself would be so invested in a silly online game, but the opportunity to read previously unreleased content about the world of harry potter is something i really can't turn down.  read the books, you'll see.)  this weekend my welcome email finally came!  i got to sign in, explore the new content, buy my wand at ollivanders, and most importantly - get sorted into my house.  which house you belong to has always been a big topic of discussion among potter fans, but i have never been able to tell if i am more of a ravenclaw or a gryffindor.  this 7 question quiz is the definitive quiz, crafted by j.k. rowling herself, and i was super excited to see where i would end up.  as it turns out, i'm a ravenclaw!  i was so proud to be sorted into the house known for their intelligence, creativity, and eccentricity.  (luna lovegood is also my favorite harry potter character, and i am thrilled to be in the same house as her.)  ryan was also sorted into ravenclaw as well, so i like to think that even if we went to hogwarts, we still would have ended up together.  ;)  after reading the official description and history of the house, i found myself inspired to show some house spirit!  the ravenclaw colors are navy blue and gold and the symbol is a raven, so i decided to style up a dream outfit inspired by those themes that i might wear to show my pride.  what do you think?

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